Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting Generation’s learners. As part of our volunteer community, we seek to leverage your strengths and grow together with you while giving back meaningfully.

We go further, together.


“As a volunteer for Generation, I offer bootcamp graduates mock interview practice and support so they feel confident to succeed in their real job interviews. The aspect I enjoy most is personal connection with the graduates, their willingness to learn and passion to do well. It’s a privilege to help prepare them for employment in careers that may otherwise be inaccessible”

Jen Dalgleish

“The attendees are enthusiastic and have a real desire to learn. By being able to use the experience I have gained in business over my career it hopefully helps the learner as well as it being a rewarding experience for me”

Martyn Anwyl

“Working with Generation on their interview module is very rewarding as you see the students apply feedback to improve. The students are totally committed to learning new skills and the Generation coaches offer support and guidance throughout the programme. I volunteer with this group as it is well organised and has a proven success rate with 97% of the students successfully completing the programme”

Cathy Winsey

“It is hugely rewarding when you see a candidate having a ‘lightbulb moment’ as you talk them through the feedback from their mock interview – that change could help to give them that extra iota of confidence, or the clarity to better frame a concept they have learnt”

Zain De Belder from BlackRock

Volunteer Roles

1) Mock interviewer

Volunteers play a crucial role in supporting Generation’s learners. In particular, we are always looking for volunteers to facilitate mock interviews, helping learners build confidence and improve their technique for their first job interviews after the bootcamp.

During a two-hour online session, volunteers meet a range of Generation learners, work with them on practice questions, and provide invaluable feedback on interview technique.


  • Complete a one-off training module and quiz before interview day in your own time - 30 minutes
  • Conduct 3-4 interviews during a 2 hour session and write up feedback

How to sign up

To take part in this opportunity, head to Generation's Eventbrite page where you can view all upcoming sessions, and simply register for those that fit with your diary. We will then send a calendar invite in the following days which will include resources needed for the session



A training module will prepare you ahead of your first mock interview session, so that you feel confident before you begin the volunteer tasks


Generation coordinators will be available for you to brainstorm or escalate any matters as you volunteer

Learner Testimonials

”I am writing to express my gratitude for the program’s mock interview sessions, which proved to be extremely helpful for me. The sessions provided me with the opportunity to gain confidence in my interview skills. Initially, I was quite nervous about the prospect of facing interviews, but this practice helped me realize that an interview is just an opportunity to showcase my skills, and there is nothing to be scared about. Additionally, the sessions made me realize that there are no right or wrong answers to interview questions. The feedback provided by the volunteers who conducted the mock interviews was invaluable. It allowed me to prepare for future interviews, reduced my anxiety levels and boosted my confidence. The sessions covered a wide range of topics, from how to dress up, to how to project the right tone, facial expressions, and body language to show confidence during the interview.”

Pinal Kakkah

”The mock interviews were extremely useful to me. Being something that always terrified me, having the ability to practice real interviews in a mock environment helped me building my confidence in not only talking about myself, but actually emphasizing my qualities in a orderly manner.”

Filomena Catarino

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